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BEVA is not just an importer. We are the winery.

As an agency, BEVA represents each Estate and Vineyard brand directly. Each Associate sets its own strategies and goals and directs BEVA to execute them as an adjunct to its export department.

As such, BEVA does not apply large markups imposed by

national importers. Instead, it works on commissions paid by

each of its Associates and manages all programs and pertinent

details necessary in building and managing all sales and marketing.

Best Estates and Vineyards Associates wines are available in most

US markets for 20% to 30% less than those offered by national importers.

While there are many very good wines available today,

the cutting edge of competition is service:

  • Regular communication with clients and their staffs. 

  • A timely follow-up to requests and opportunities.

  • Contact with journalists, trade, and consumer groups.

  • Frequent market visits to educate and support sales. 

  • All wines available at LAK Warehouse, Saddlebrook NJ

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