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Pratello's growth in recent years has led us to distribute their wines in more than 60 countries around the world, always placing them in the most sought-after outlets. Pratello was one of the first firms to obtain organic certification, but today, 13 years later, this is no longer enough.

For over a year we have been working on the idea of leaving organic certification behind and creating our own code which will take into consideration not only the use of natural products in the fields and the winery but also respect for the biodiversity of our vineyards' ecosystems. This method will be based on the use of renewable energy sources, environmental compensation, energy efficiency in the vineyard and synergy between animals and plants.

We will focus our attention on the production of organic substances to better nourish our soil. We'll call it the Pratello Method. Despite our company's commitment to guarantee the goodness of our products, in a limited number of cases ongoing analysis has revealed traces of residual substances. Today, the overall picture leads us to inform our clients of our intention to withdraw from organic certification for the coming vintages. Passion, soul, and pride are the sentiments behind this new project.

To reach the goal to stop the use of copper.
To reduce the number of sulphites compared to organic method.
To stimulate the planting of trees to help the proliferation of birds and insects.
To prefer extensive outdoor cultivations in order to produce organic compost.
To use wood, stones, iron, glass and straw instead of cement.
To consider the ground as a living system and to feed according to the nature.
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