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Region: Umbria

Broccatelli was founded in 1951 by the passion for wines by Marcello Broccatelli and Quintilio Galli. Their reference has always been the territory together with a passion for agriculture, entrepreneurial experience, in order to ensure the best quality of their wines.​


Region: Piemonte

Gemma came into being in 1978 when Silvano Piacentini decided to found a new wine producing enterprise in the commune of Serralunga d’Alba, located inside an old winery which had formerly belonged to the Marchesi Falletti’s Opera Pia Barolo(the premises have now been completely renovated, with state-of-the-art vinification equipment and new barrels.


Region: Toscana

We love to describe our winery as a "Boutique Winery" where quality, tradition, elegance, attention to details and freshness catch the senses and produce emotions, and these are the feelings that we try to live through our work. After many years we are still ready to feel emotions when we reach the results we were looking for.


Region: Abruzzo

The rolling hills of Abruzzo flow from the high Appenines east to the Adriatic Sea creating unique sites on ancient soils with optimal sun exposures for vineyards.

Falco Reale honors the independent spirit of the Abruzzese as embodied in the falcons that patrol their valleys and hills. Carefully chosen vineyards provide the grapes for our master winemaker to craft wines that offer wines of true “tipicita”!



Region: Montalcino

The Quercecchio estate relies on a small number of experts who apply all of their knowledge to the care and cultivation of the grapes and follow each and every step of the various production phases, starting with the vines, the selection of the grapes and their vinification according to the type of wine to be made 



Region: Alto-Adige

 To produce a good wine requires an investment of hard work and vigilance in the vineyard. In order to produce a high quality final product, one needs great knowledge, passion, and patience to breathe life into that product: life to grow and develop, life to find harmony in its surroundings, and just as for mankind, life to ripen.



Region: Südburgenland

It is the passion for the distinctive and remarkable terroir of the Eisenberg in Südburgenland that drives Matthias Krön and Markus Bach. On this extraordinary hillside with its old grapevines growing in steeply sloped vineyard sites, wines are created that are no less individualistic. 

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