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Russolo Doi Raps

Tasting notes

White wine with a deep straw yellow color. Intense aroma, hot notes that recall very ripe fruit. Pleasantly full and rounded, it is a wine whose ideal acidity is well masked by the elegant body. A balancing act that make this wine pleasantly unique.

Best served with

Excellent with shellfish dishes or fresh refined cheeses. Due to its noteworthy unique flavor and characteristics, it lends itself well as an aperitif.

Tips for use

Ideal serving temperature, 10 – 12 °C. Wine preferably served in a glass with a narrow and open shape that allows its aromas to be enhanced.


Analytical data

Alcohol content 12.5 – 13%
Total acidity 6.50 – 6.90 g/l
pH 3.35 – 3.50
Residual sugar content 5.0 – 6.5 g/l


Russolo Doi Raps

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